Letter: A virus-themed poem to while away the isolation

Keep up the good work and soldier on

The Virus Invasion

We listen to the experts, day in and day out.

Their advice often changes, which puts us in doubt.

Should we, or shouldn’t we, wear a mask.

The no’s, have now, become a yes.

The gloves are part of our new attire,

This would normally, not be our desire .

And so we adjust to this new way of living,

To friends, just a wave we are giving.

They say it won’t end, anytime soon,

We must not look ahead with gloom.

If we do, the virus will bring us down,

Where it likes to keep our freedom bound.

Oh, how we look back into the past,

When we all got together and thought this would last,

Forever and ever, until our time here was done.

But we must keep on going ,for we still haven’t won.

We’ll stomp on it, kill it and keep it away,

From getting that foothold it loves to display.

Wait, wait! Don’t give up, we are seeing the end,

But the tunnel is long, every turn a huge bend.

God bless us all, and those who have gone.

Now keep up the good work, and soldier on,

We’ll get through that tunnel,

And then we can funnel,

All our hopes, and desires, that we want to last,

Into one great big anti-viral blast!

Pat Nelder