Letter: A vote of confidence for Ontario Premier Doug Ford

If schools can reopen safely it can work

To the Expositor:

Our Premier Doug Ford is doing a good job as a leader. First time I have seen that in years. I thought he would do a lousy job and I hope he will keep pushing for the borders to stay closed. The United States cannot even get their coronavirus under control and like I said before, I do not think they will get it under control this year either because it has spread all over the United States and Doug Ford is the only premier I have seen speaking up against Trump with his bullying of our country. He will not stand for that and I hope he will keep it up because our borders need to remain closed at any cause. 

I think we are doing so good here keeping the virus under control. Let’s keep it that way and opening the borders too soon is not worth it. As for the schools reopening this fall it’s a controversial issue but,we all know it has to be done. But, I think if it’s done very carefully it can work. I know how important it is for these kids to get back into class and when they do reopen let’s hope for the best because that is all we can do.

Ronald Osawabine