Letter: Alarm over the federal Liberal government’s pandemic power grabs

Methods for gun legislation are an inadequate solution

To the Expositor:

Vive la Quebecois! You will have to forgive my limited French interpretation. I have always loved the exuberance and vitality of French Canadian culture, especially the commitment to principles which involve government accountability.

I am reaching out to you because as part of the coalition government your responsibilities have to include all Canadians. I am deeply concerned about Mr. Trudeau’s subversive tactics in the coronavirus health crisis. It is my belief that he should never have been allowed to pass the Emergency Measures Act. He should never have been allowed to shut down the House of Commons for the past five weeks. It looks suspiciously like a coup d’etat. 

I can’t help remarking on Mr. Trudeau’s likeness to a little puppy. All bounce and bubbles. It is his inexperience with adversity that is his weakest link. He should have been more circumspect in the spending of our trust fund.

We, the people, should have been kept informed by Mr. Trudeau of the accumulating deficit day by day. The news today revealed the staggering amount of monies owed to be is $252 billion. Why is no one screaming?

Our futures have disintegrated into a pile of ash. We are lost.

I would like to know if someone could please put a leash on this adolescent puppy. I think most Canadians are sensible people. Most of us live within our means. But this deficit is beyond the ridiculous. We will never be able to dig ourselves out of this hole. All our futures have been compromised. How could we have become so dumb-downed by the extravagance of the emperor’s new clothes that we cannot see the naked truth? It is enough to bring anyone to the brink of madness and despair.

More disparaging news with the announcement on May 1, 2020 made by Mr. Trudeau of new gun legislation. This is being questioned as a totally inadequate solution to the targeted problem. I don’t think anyone could disagree there is a need for a more structured governmental policy in this area, but the methods suggested do not realistically make sense. Nothing is being done about illegal guns smuggled into this country with seemingly no governmental restrictions. 

However, the best part of the plan is that the Liberals will offer a compensation package to the gun owners for the loss of their property. Very nice. 

Lee Weimer