Letter: An advertising overload commentary

Writer has no need of the 300-odd unsolicited promotions on items never wanted or needed

To the Expositor:

Ten minutes of every 30-minute television show is taken up with advertising; a game of online Scrabble has an advertisement after every word; my Instagram feed is now peppered with almost as many ads as are posts from the local entrepreneurs I follow. Trying to read a recipe from Pinterest has so many ads throughout the recipe that it’s a distraction (and frustrating) trying to follow it. Endless amounts of email advertising that requires “unsubscribe” to companies who have been sold my email address. It seems now that not only do advertisers need to show us the products we don’t want or need, they have now added sound (loud) as well. And have you noticed the television commercials are louder as well?

In this day and age of people having more and more issues with just trying to make ends meet, the endless barrage of advertising of products causing people to spend money on items that they don’t need are not making things any better. I long for the days of less advertising and businesses being more willing to allow me to decide when I want to go looking for something I do need, without their spending their valuable revenue on ads I do my best to delete, scan past, fast forward through or ignore completely. 

Believe me, when I need something, I will go looking for it, no need to have information on 300 (or more) other items I will never want or need being in my face all the time.

Barb Baker

Little Current