Letter: An alarm raised by a Blackfoot elder

The Crown, France and the United States can’t dictate your future anymore

To the sacred Indigenous peoples and chiefs and councils of Wiikwemkoong Unceded Territory of Manitoulin Island:

I am a spiritual leader of the Blackfoot Confederacy of the United States and Canada. I am 61 years old and clean and sober for 27 years. My letter is to tell all Indigenous Indian nations of Manitoulin Island, and Canada, that the land agreements and actions being offered by Prime Minister Trudeau are legally questionable. For the Crown and Canada to opt out of their trust responsibilities to the First Nations under this land agreement is the most dangerous agreement or law I have ever seen in all of Canada’s history of dealings with Indigenous First Nations.  

Canada is telling your chief and band councils they can have complete control of the new land act and Canada would secede all laws to govern the First Nations. No. The Indigenous First Nations of Canada need a legal avenue to protect their sovereignty and sacred rights within Canada’s borders. If this agreement and new land laws are pasted “as is,” the First Nations have no legal avenue in the future. Canada can come in and take your lands at the expense of you having no legal avenue. Stop the council meetings with Ottawa and “regroup.” 

Totally protect your sacred Indian First Nations before anymore signatures. 

I helped Chief Teresa Pence defeat former prime minister Stephen Harper’s threat to the sacred Indigenous First Nations in 2013. It appears chief and council have jumped the gun. Tell your chief and councils the Crown, France and the United States can’t dictate your future anymore. Turtle Island is too sacred to give up again.

Your spiritual sacred Indigenous relative, eesukyah,

James ‘Jimmy’ St. Goddard 

People of the Spiritual Blackfoot Confederacy

Cutbank, Montana