Letter: An open letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Four simple suggestions to ensure future generations can survive and thrive

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following letter has been sent to the Prime Minister’s Office and has been reprinted here at the author’s request.

Dear Prime Minister Trudeau,

Kindly permit me to suggest four things that Canada can do to combat climate change so that your future grandchildren and my great grandchildren will survive and thrive.

Prohibit shipping of food by air. Road, rail and ships are adequate for transporting food. We simply don’t need zucchini from Holland and snow peas from China!;

Ramp up electric car production so that 80 percent of vehicles are electric by 2030. It would be a great way to get people back to work once the pandemic passes;

Do not build any more oil pipelines; and

Provide financial incentives to help Alberta put the tar sands on hold until 2030.

In 1973 I attended my first forum on climate change in Ottawa. We have been talking about climate change, and witnessing it, for almost 50 years! Please take quick and decisive action to make Canada a global leader on climate change. We are all in this together.


Ed Burt