Letter: Billings council working for the greater good, despite negative column claims

Dear Editor:

Move over Donald Trump, you no longer have a lock on fake news. After reading Ruth Farquhar’s column in the Sudbury Star, we know it’s alive and being used North of 49. Ruth complains that Billings Council is not listening to minorities. In reality ideas espoused by certain groups have been heard, considered and in many cases not implemented due to financial constraints or workability. 

Ruth writes that the mayor is listening only to the majority. If she was able to remove her political blinders she would see that the mayor and council cater to no single group but make decisions in the interest of all township residents.

Ruth’s pen may be mightier than the sword but it’s no match for truth or democracy.

The vision, for the future of Billings of all members of council, was well known before the last election and the electorate gave them a resounding vote of approval.

If Ruth would take her own advice and listen to others outside her circle of friends in her coffee clutch, she would realize that most residents of Billings are quite satisfied with the job our elected officials are doing.

In spite of back biting and vitriol expressed in a spate of recent letters and thinly disguised as constructive criticism, the council has still been able to do an outstanding job.

Views expressed in this letter are not necessarily those of the rest of this household.

Doug Alkenbrack