Letter: Central Manitoulin has been given another chance

Foresight and progressive thinking should be council’s guide

To the Expositor:

It was reported in The Expositor on August 19 that Central Manitoulin has not been granted the requested funding for a new sports complex (‘Central falls short in new rink funding bid,’ Page 1).

Mayor Stephens states that “The property committee will be assessing the municipality’s available assets and charting the best course forward.”

This has opened up an opportunity for the township to once again take a serious look at saving an existing and important asset, the Old Mindemoya School. Council needs to be considering how to save it and put it to good use.

I encourage council, the property committee, all supporters of the old school and especially those who are against saving it, to look up the Mary Webb Cultural and Community Centre in Highgate, Ontario. A very interesting article about this building was recently published in Acorn Magazine which is published by the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario.

It shows what can and should be done if people just have a little foresight and are willing to think progressively.

In 1905, Prime Minister Wilfred Laurier stated, “We do not want, that any individuals should forget the land of their origin or their ancestors. Let them look to the past, but let them also look to the future: let them look to the land of their ancestors, but let them look also to the land of their children.”

Very wise words that we should all think about and take to heart.

Lynn Quesnel

Big Lake