Letter: Closing the borders to the US is based on fact, not hearsay

The upside is many Canadians have discovered there are plenty new summer destinations

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a letter in response to the October 7 letter ‘Closing the US-Canada border must be based on fact, not hearsay’ by Bob and Fran Taylor of Kagawong and Michigan.

To the Expositor:

Closing the Canada U.S. border is based on fact, not hearsay, Mr. Taylor.

As a 32-year resident and regular reader of the letters to the editor, I must admit that there have been some comments that cause me to shake my head and decide to take a walk rather than go to my computer and react. Just can’t do it this time because “facts” are the guiding principle and should not be twisted around to become “hearsay,” as Mr. Taylor has attempted to do.

If Canada opens the border then all American states and not only Michigan have free access to Canada and Manitoulin. According to Michigan records, as of this long weekend Michigan already has 136,465 total confirmed cases and 6,898 COVID-19 deaths, with another 1,809 new cases and seven additional deaths in the last two days. According to Michigan health officials, Michigan is again at a “high risk” of another COVID-19 outbreak.

As far as the rest of the states with residents that could come and visit our country or our Island if the borders were open, let’s look at some facts: Nearly 50,000 new cases per day and already 215,000 plus American citizens dead. How about this fact, Mr. Taylor? COVID-19 cases are on the rise in 48 states. Only two states are seeing fewer cases. Dr. Anthony Fauci, your nation’s leading infectious disease expert, states that with the recent rise in new cases and average daily death rates your country is going in the wrong direction.

As to your final comment directed at Mr. Osawabine for “waving a banner for closed borders,” right on, Ron! Perhaps there have been businesses that have had a somewhat slower summer, while others have done just fine. The upside (or perhaps not) of this is that many new Ontario and Canadian residents have discovered a new potential summer destination. Here is the bottom line, Mr. Taylor. I have yet to meet an Island resident or business person that would trade an American dollar for the life, health or safety of any Haweater. Yup, Islanders know how to suck it up when life presents challenges, and what I have been seeing and hearing—all is okay here for now.

The bottom line: keep the border closed until you get your house in order. A good start might be dealing with the idiot in the White House that has created, condoned and perpetuated this crazy situation in your country. Stay safe and stay home, which is what I urge all Canadian snowbirds to the US like myself to do. Time to enjoy a Canadian winter wonderland or explore safe destinations like Cuba, Costa Rica, Barbados, Vancouver Island or other safer destinations.

Stan Drystek