Letter: Concerns over the concentration of power in the prime minister’s office

Why are only the prime minister’s addresses to the country being heard

To the Expositor:

Pencil in a little moustache, give him a bowler hat and suit coat and he could double for “the Little Dictator.” It was unbelievable that Mr. Trudeau could not give us any definitive answers on the eve of the re-opening of Parliament scheduled forApril 20 concerning the full house sitting, even though at the April 19 press conference,he was quick to assure everyone that he “believes in our democracy.” 

I would like clarification of his definition of the word “democracy.” He can’t have it all his own way. Thankfully we have a minority government. But there can be no benefit to “holding the government to account” (quote from Andrew Scheer, Conservative party leader) when the opposition is being muzzled as an excuse for “keeping us safe.” 

I think the NDP has been more than reasonable in requesting one in house sitting and two virtual sittings a week. Although the government must have anticipated this eventual day five weeks ago, I do not understand, with all the resources at Mr. Trudeau’s disposal, surely his advisors could have by this time have organized all the logistics necessary to conduct a virtual conference call for Parliament. Surely all 338 MPs have internet access.

It has been reported that the European Union have been meeting in virtual conference sessions with no disruptions of their democratic process. Why should the people of Canada then be subjected to the decisions of one man alone?

Also, questions need to be asked about the monopolization of the CBC/Radio Canada network for Liberal diction only. I want to hear from the leadership of the other parties involved in our democratic process. I want to know their opinions. After all, we elected them. I want to hear from Carol Hughes, our parliamentary representative. I don’t want to hear anymore from Mr. “Breathless” Trudeau. A steady diet of pablum-infused rhetoric can have a demoralizing effect on the palette, too much intoxication. Give me meat, not milk pudding.

Give every MP half an hour on the CBC to express their opinion. It would be a respite from endlessly enduring Mr. Galloway every morning.

I think I can hear myself screaming from somewhere,an ode to Anna Maria Tremonti.

Now would be a good time to go and watch the Little Dictator.

Lee Weimer