Letter: Congratulations to the Manitoulin Amateur Radio Club

Thanks for providing a secure emergency communications backup system for Island communities

To the Expositor:

I would like to congratulate the Manitoulin Amateur Radio Club on taking the initiative to upgrade their equipment to provide the many communities on the Island with a back-up communications system.

Last fall, the president of the club, Al Boyd, solicited the many townships requesting they assist with the cost to upgrade the emergency communications coverage Island-wide. My wife Sadie and I have been summer residents on Manitoulin for over 30 years and I have had the privilege of talking to many of the ‘Hams’ over this time and we certainly are aware of the work that they do for the residents. I know the old system drastically needs replacing as it is breaking down and the aerial was oriented in such a way as it only favoured Little Current and the highway to the north, with only marginal coverage to the west and south. 

Hopefully, the new system will address these issues with the aerial orientation and the poor coverage for the Island and provide those municipalities the coverage needed for emergency back-up communications from South Baymouth to Meldrum Bay and hopefully Cockburn Island as well. 

Paul and Sadie St. Onge

Milton, Ontario