Letter: Corrections on the record for Tehkummah records

Storing public records in the books store is counterintuitive

To the Expositor:

While I appreciate your paper’s continued interest in the Township of Tehkummah, I was misrepresented in the article ‘Tehkummah seeks to move records from washroom to used book room’ (June 10, Page 6). While everyone agrees that the current location of the municipal records is unacceptable, the reasons for my opposition to using the library’s book store as storage space differ somewhat from what was stated in the article. 

While I do feel space should not be taken away from the library (and I do not, by the way, serve on the library board as stated in the article), I do agree with the township’s clerk that the records need to be stored in a secure location while also being accessible, which is why council had issues when the former clerk had the records stored off-site in an undisclosed location. However, storing the records in a public space such as the book store, regardless of any safety measures put in place, seems counterintuitive. Hopefully a solution to the problem will be found in the near future. 

Eric Russell, councillor

Tehkummah Township