Letter: Cruise ships should follow hourly bridge swinging schedule

A traffic camera should be installed at the lights to catch red jumpers

To the Expositor:

I strongly believe the Island gains and prospers from the economic value by having the Victory Cruise Lines and Pearl Mist visit the Port of Little Current, by touring the Island and shopping at local stores. However, I do not agree with the bridge swinging to the boating schedule. This has occurred to me personally at 7:30 and then at 5:35 pm and

I’m sure I’m not the only one delayed because of this. 

Not only is this an inconvenience to the general public trying to cross and get to store with limited hours, but the those who commute to and from work who need to take the bridge that are not expecting delays. 

This does not even factor in the issues that could arise if an ambulance needed to cross during this unscheduled swing time! 

While I’m on a rant about the bridge, why do we not have the bridge have a pay toll like the Mackinac Bridge and many others? It would surely help with the cost to maintain and keep one of the oldest swing bridges in the province, connecting those to the largest fresh water island in the world! I suppose I’ll have to attend the upcoming Community Information Sharing Session on July 17 to better knowledge myself. 

Additionally to this, I hope to see a traffic camera purchased in the very near future due to the fact that way too many run the red light without consequences! This technology has been around for years and the bridge toll could pay for this! 

Aside from the traffic frustration, I hope everyone travelling enjoys their summer both on the water and by vehicle! Remember to slow down, leave space and drive sober…you’re on Island time!

Jessica Orr

Little Current

EDITOR’S NOTE: Commercial water traffic has always had priority in the navigable waters of the North Channel. The swing bridge opening for cruise ships reflects that long-standing priority.