Letter: Expositor newsletter is being well-received

An end-of-week treat until the paper copy arrives

To the Expositor:

I am a seasonal resident of Manitoulin who receives the Expositor at home in Bruce County. One day I hope to make a permanent move to the Island. In the meantime, The Expositor is my mainline to keep up with Manitoulin news, people, Now and Then, articles of interest, comings and goings from various Island communities and their contributors. 

Being from away, I receive the news about a week later than the published date—not bad considering I often get a local daily paper at home about three days to a week late as well.

So, receiving The Expositor’s Friday newsletter is a weekly end-of-the-week treat I look forward to until my paper copy of the Expositor arrives. 

Thank you from a grateful reader!

Susan Macleod