Letter: Great praise for local hospitals

Proividing kind, compassionate, efficient and professional care

To the Expositor:

I would just like to compliment our two local hospitals on the kind caring compassionate, efficient, professional care they give.

Last week, late evening, I found myself with an itchy rash that seemed to be spreading quite rapidly. I had no Benadryl or antihistamines at the house and it was too late to ask around so I took a trip to Mindemoya Hospital because I was afraid it might worsen and I might get a bad allergy reaction at night.

I was greeted by staff and doctor who gave me efficient timely and caring help. So, I had a very pleasant emergency room visit. Thank you all!

Apart from praising our two hospitals that we are very fortunate to have there is another lesson to learn from this episode! We all need to make sure that our own “ medicine cupboards” have all the items we might need for minor emergencies in the middle of the night!

Mary Buie