Letter: Hasty gun ban regulations list includes inadvertent casualties

A call to sign the petition calling on the government to rethink its stance

To the Expositor:

Assault rifles are defined as “rifles capable of both semi-automatic and full automatic fire, chambered in an intermediate cartridge, with high capacity magazines.” An AK-47 is an example.

Anti-firearm groups tend to use terms such as “assault type firearms” or “assault weapons” to demonize anything resembling military firearms. True assault rifles are already prohibited in Canada. Further, large capacity magazines are already prohibited in Canada for semi-automatic centre-fire firearms. 22 rimfire are the only semi-automatic rifles permitted to have magazines holding more than five cartridges. 

Only non-restricted firearms are permitted for hunting. Restricted firearms such as handguns and some semi-automatic rifles such as the AR-15 are only permitted to be fired on approved ranges. Prohibited firearms, such as the AK-47 are no longer available to Canadians.

Now by the undemocratic method of Order in Council, the government is attempting to prohibit over 1,500 firearm models, many of which were previously non-restricted.

I have spoken to Mr. Blaine Williamson, quoted in the May 6 article ‘Liberals move forward with ban on assault rifles’ (Page 1). He says, and I agree, that the list includes .22 rifles as well as bolt action and single shot firearms. Minister Blair has already had to clarify that he did not intend to include 12-gauge and 10-gauge shotguns in his list. How many more of the 1,500 should not be there? 

Even if you check your inventory and determine that you do not own any of the 1,500 on the list, don’t be complacent. The next step is already threatening handgun ownership and may eventually prohibit all semi-automatic and pump-action firearms and many bolt actions as happened in Australia and New Zealand.

Once again, the government is attacking law abiding firearm owners, instead of cracking down on unlicenced criminal individuals and gangs. They have to be stopped or our liberties will be trampled. The billions of dollars required to buy back prohibited firearms would be better spent on health care and social needs.

Please go online and sign the petition Petition E-2574 and confirm the response email that will come to you. Talk to your friends and neighbours and our member of Parliament. This is a real crisis. Please act now.

William D Elliott