Letter: Hazardous waste day was time not well spent

A disorganized affair

To the Expositor:

So much for hazardous waste disposal day at the Mindemoya site. On Saturday from 1 pm to 4 pm the line-up was approximately a kilometre long with vehicles running in the 30° heat spewing lots of pollution and moving extremely slowly. At 3:50 pm the last 25 to 30 vehicles, including mine, got turned away and I was told, “Come back next year.” 

This obvious disorganization was blamed on COVID-19. 

Instead of having two lines inside the site, which is a very ample area and is the usual way it’s done, they only had one line of vehicles which could have been kept 20 feet apart, never mind six! Gather up your hazardous waste, travel to the site, wait and wait in the heat, then take it back home and keep it for another year. What a joke! 

A very annoyed taxpayer,

Pat Nelder