Letter: Island municipalities must stand with First Nations on emergency

True leaders put their people first—shut down access to off-Island invaders

To the Expositor:

I never write a letter in the paper before but now I feel it has become very important to do so. In last week’s paper, it seems that many of the municipal leaders are mainly putting their own political economic interest before keeping the people that elected them alive.

If they had any brains they would declare an emergency in their municipalities. Close the off-island traffic from those invaders with camps here who are coming for self-isolation who have been in contact in their home communities with people who have COVID-19.

Chiefs Linda Debassige and Franklin Paibomsai are showing to be true leaders in putting their people first. Good for Franklin. I’m very proud of you. 

Chief Linda Debassige says it will come to the Island and may explode very soon. How will those who refuse to do the right thing be able to sleep in the future knowing they are responsible for killing many innocent people. Lost jobs may return but innocent lost ones who died and who are in the grave will never return.

Alex Musquetier