Letter: Keep borders closed

It will be safer for citizens

To the Expositor:

Our borders need to remain closed for the rest of the year, maybe even into next year. I still keep up to date with the coronavirus in the United States where it is totally out of control. If even one border opens, then the US citizens will be travelling up north to cross the border and then bring this coronavirus into our country. We do not want to see that happening because our economy is slowly starting to recover, and we do not want to spoil that. 

Another thing, I do not think that citizens here want to see another shutdown. If US citizens do not like the border closures, then they should smarten up and start listening to their health care advisors. Start wearing face masks and stop their drinking parties. At least our governments here in Canada are a little more in control with that. The US totally have no control over its citizens. They are just out there on their own and do whatever they wish while this pandemic is on. Our government needs to stand with their decision to keep the borders closed then it will be much safer for citizens.

Ronald Osawabine