Letter: Let’s just continue to bury our heads in the sand, folks

After all, once the bees are dead we’ve got just four more years

To the Expositor:

Having read a recent editorial regarding herbicides and the dying bees, I realize that bees, trees, water and human health are of supreme importance when compared to making more money.

Our benevolent politicians sign laws that always engender the well-being of the citizens who elected them. They never favour big business and the monied class.

Our representatives would never make laws that would force us to put highly carcinogenic chemicals into the creeks and onto the roadways. I am certain that only the Americans sell out their citizens by dumping Agent Orange onto men, women and children and their own soldiers.

The previous sentences are, obviously, “tongue in cheek” but they lead a thinking person to a grim reality.

Big business and government sign our pay checks so that we may pay our rent and buy our porkchops. Our dependence is undeniable and, as history has proven, we will put babies into ovens if our paymasters and money changers so demand.

Forget about it folks. Go back to your TV and propaganda news bytes. Hate and fear your brothers who are brown, yellow and red. Do not question the laws, read your bible, follow the script and go back to sleep.

Besides, after we kill all the bees, according to Einstein, we still have four years to live.

All the best,

Tommy Lough


PS: Dear Expositor, I will be shocked if you print this. Cold, hard truth scares all of us.