Letter: New assault gun ban transforms Canada into a dictatorship

A call to join the National Firearms Association

To the Expositor:

And just like that, with the swipe of a pen, an OIC (Order in Canada) was signed. Prime Minister Trudeau turning this democratic country into a dictatorship. Without a house vote or a bill, he took it upon himself to pass a gun ban on “assault style” guns. All assault rifles were already banned in the late ‘70s.

Now a gun, car or any other object cannot kill by itself. It requires a lot of bad choices: Gas in tank = bullet in clip; key in ignition = clip in gun; shift into drive = bullet in barrel; drive car = safety off; hit somebody = pull trigger.

It takes a lot of bad choices by someone very unstable for whatever reason before any object can be used to kill. All Canadians should be very concerned about where this will end and what other civil liberties will be taken away from us once dictatorship takes hold. Watch out.

They say there is power in numbers, so if you don’t like being stripped of democracy, join the NFA (National Firearms Association) and sign petition No. 2576. Every time this government gets elected there is a very good chance they will take away something else that they think we don’t deserve or need.

Wesley Virtanen