Letter: Opinion pieces delight Gore Bay reader

Let us hope and pray our leaders will make us proud to be Canadians

To the Expositor:

Thanks for an editorial and an accompanying letter from correspondent Tim Vine (March 4 edition) which both address directly the convoluted mess we face with respect to the results of patriarchy and colonialism here in Canada. The protests and disruptions we are now facing across the country should come as no surprise and our challenge now is to face up to our history and work co-operatively to face up to long-standing injustices and grievances which, for the sake of both First Nations and everyone else, must now be resolved. The path ahead is certain to be both long and difficult and will demand honesty, open minds and compromise if we are to move forward to viable and just solutions.

Meantime, we must be aware of the insidious effects of social media platforms which allow closed minds to spew hatred, distortion and twisted conspiracy theories whilst hiding, like the cowards they are, behind the anonymity of the internet. We need to ask these folks to face the facts; for example, how they would have responded had their children been taken forcibly from them and adopted elsewhere, never to be seen again!

Let us hope and pray that our leaders will face up to the challenges directly and, together with the majority of fair-minded citizens make us proud to be Canadians. Once again, to repeat the obvious, the path ahead will be both long and, no doubt, torturous but – we can do it! 


Eric Balkind

Gore Bay