Letter: People in Northern Ontario are doing okay with the pandemic

Hefty fines need to be applied to a first offence

To the Expositor:

We might see another shut down and its because of these idiots in southern Ontario having their wild drinking parties and it just might affect the whole province. At least here in Northern Ontario I think people are a little more sensible not to have big wild drinking parties. What might happen is these people from southern Ontario just might travel up North just to party then bring the disease into our communities. We cannot let that happen here in Northern Ontario. 

We are doing okay with the coronavirus, it’s not affecting us too hard. Toronto and Ottawa are major hubs for international travellers and Toronto is also the finance capital for our country too. If we want to kill this coronavirus in our country the federal government needs to put in very strong restrictions on international travel. There are loopholes that people are using to get in and out of the country. This needs to be addressed within the government and close these loop holes that citizens are using. These people having their wild drinking parties have to face hefty fines too, like $5,000 right off the start for the first offence. If they can afford to have their wild drinking parties, they can afford to pay for these fines too. These fines should increase if they keep doing it.

Ronald Osawabine