Letter: Reader dismayed at the insidious progression of turmoil and unrest

There are many things we can do as individuals to make ours a better world

To the Expositor:

Yes, for a time at least, long enough to rejuvenate my mind and enjoy peace and quiet, void of miserable news that tells us of shootings, murders, rampant drug use leading to so many overdoses and deaths, unpeaceful protests that lead to destruction and the brutality behind why this dissent started in the first place. There’s so much more as we all know, but too much to enumerate further here.

Look around the world at those in power and note the corruptness and immorality.

What we used to know as a relatively peaceful way of life is being replaced by an insidious progression of turmoil and widespread unrest.

To top things off, we are dealing with a pandemic that has taken away so much of our freedom and leaves us in wonderment of what’s to come.

So, when I hop back on to this world I’ll pick a deserted Island, clothed in loveliness, a perfect oasis for nature, a land of magnificence and tranquility embroidered in beauty.

A little taste of heaven perhaps?

Well, that would be nice, but best get back to reality and then wonder what we, as little, but mighty people can do to make things better. We could of course tune it out and turn it off, but does that get us anywhere?

We can be kind and see the goodness in people.

We can extend a helping hand to those in need and show that we care.

We can support one another and lift spirits in an attempt to instill well-being.

We can listen and be genuine in our response to one’s troubles.

We can look with equality to all our ethnicities that dwell among us.

We can set an example of decency and respectability and leave behind the vituperative and vile nature that seems to encompass much of our world.

We can pray to God for change. He will hear us and so we leave it in His hands.

Stay safe and take care,

Pat Nelder