Letter: The news south of the border is disturbing

Racism is spreading and lots of previously hidden skeletons are coming out in the open

To the Expositor:

Whenever I watch the news, there is always something about the United States. It is disturbing to see what is going on in the southern border, like immigrants being abused by officials. I have never seen anything like that before, and it’s Trump’s administration. 

Why this is happening and why anybody supports Trump should be ashamed of themselves. This land is for everybody, not just for some. Everybody has the right to live where ever they wish to live. The president of the United States is destroying democracy, he supports racism too. It looks like the United States is slowly sinking into whatever is going to happen to them. I hope it does not spread over to Canada and that citizens here should be worried about this just in case some of it has spread. It is racism that is spreading, and it’s because of Trump. I guess lots of skeletons are coming out now that we never knew we had because we rarely saw racism bit not its worse.

Ron Osawabine