Letter: The sad state of television lamented

The best button on the remote is mute

To the Expositor:

I am writing about our lousy television services. All reality shows are total garbage and they keep coming. How much more stupidity can they come up with? Now I see another piece of garbage on called Fridge Wars. Then we have dear old CTV with their idiot sayings (get into it). Well, CTV how about getting in decent programing? And now we get five minutes of crap shows and then surprise we get commercials over and over 20 times a day. The new comedies are about as funny as having a severe case of diarrhea. The best button on my remote is the mute button. Thank the Lord for that. Reality television has totally ruined television and we pay $102 a month to these idiots. Good Lord, give me the old shows that were worth paying for.

Jack Witty, a proud Islander

Bar River, Ontario