Letter: There can never be enough exclamation marks for Kerrene Tilson

An essential part of the Expositor Trinity

To the Expositor:

For journalists there’s an edict against too many exclamation marks—but when it comes to Kerrene Tilson there aren’t enough!!!

In 1986 I stood inside The Expositor office, waiting for an editorial interview with Rick McCutcheon, publisher extraordinaire, when this gorgeous brunette in a mini-skirt and heels breezed out of her office. She was headed to the back, when I knew not where, but slowed down a smidge, smiled and said, “I’m Kerrene.”

Indeed she was, and is, because not only is she one-in-a-million but I think the spelling of her name was mixed up on her birth certificate! (check with her).

Gratefully I was hired and that began a life-long friendship.

I surely attest she could run the office on her own, never said it was “too late” for an ad (sometimes to the chagrin of editorial) and ran circles around the Island, either it be for music festivals or yoga clubs. She has friends from the big municipalities of Little Current, Mindemoya and Gore Bay zig-zagging through all First Nations and hamlets through her home in Honora Bay.

And that’s just the Island.

Had Kerrene stayed in advertising at The Toronto Star, she’d have been VP of marketing—er, “alternative marketing”—by age 35.

Kerrene’s passion is her family, late husband Chris, and their amazing son, Justin. Her home continues to reap fruit from visions she, Justin and infectious other young environmentalists who need the nurtured space her land offers.

Julia and Rick McCutcheon hired her 45 years ago and were indeed blessed. But she has been blessed with them—an “Expositor Trinity.”

And I was blessed to hang out with them for a few years at the paper. Despite distance and disease, “we are fam-i-ly!”

With love,

Diane Sims

(a former Expositor editor)