Letter: This year marks the 49th anniversary of the Little NHL

The founders of the Little Native Hockey League would be proud to see what it has become

To the Expositor:

This year will mark the 49th anniversary of the Little NHL tournament and anticipation is mounting for the more than 220 teams, especially for those teams who will be defending their division titles, and this couldn’t be more so for the defending midget champions, the AOK midget team, with bench boss Craig Abotossaway as head coach.

Although my applause and appreciation is somewhat late, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the head coach, coaching staff and families of the Montreal Canadiens (forgive me, sorry lost my thought) for supporting the AOK midget team and for other teams who will be representing AOK and Island First Nations.

I’m sure the late Mr. Earl Abotossaway, one of the co-founders who established the Little NHL tournament in 1971, would not be more proud, not only to have his grandson(s) in the tournament, but to have his great grandsons playing and being part of such a prestigious tournament.

Maybe this year, a pat on the back, or a feast even, would go a long way in building team, community spirit. Good job, kids and remember the four pillars: education, respect, citizenship and sportsmanship and most of all, have fun.

See you at the game.

Donald J. McGraw

Aundeck Omni Kaning