Letter: Tory hopeful’s message concerns

Is the pandemic over and I missed the memo?

To the Expositor:

What an eye-catching photo on the front of the August 12 Expositor. Peter MacKay and our prominent Island Tories having a genial, carefree, close quarter chat amid a pandemic. Are we so slipping into smug complacency because we are in better shape (for now) than our US neighbours? I notice a mask hanging almost apologetically from Mr. MacKay’s hand and nary another one in sight in any photo. I guess the Tories are showing solidarity with their conservative cousins south of the border. One interesting comment from MacKay seemed to indicate that despite COVID-19, “his campaign team has been finding new, effective ways to reach greater numbers of people.”

I would strongly suggest, sir that next time you reach those multitudes, try practicing Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines, even if those around you resist. I think we all have those health tidbits seared in our brains by now, or is the pandemic over and I missed the memo?

Tom Scott

Spring Bay