Letter: We all need to work together to keep the economy afloat

‘Now is the time to reach out, not just ignore a payment’

To the Expositor:

For the most part, everyone (including the various elected officials) is trying to work together to help the people and the economy stay afloat during this unprecedented time. I suspect by the time this is posted that those eligible for it are already receiving their Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB). This is a $2,000 per month benefit, which may in many cases be close to what people already make while working, and others not. However, it is an income and will have come in the form of a back dated amount so most received more than expected. 

I have received emails from Hydro One, LAMBAC, banks, car dealers etc. identifying that if people are experiencing financial difficulty to call and work with them so they can assist their customers in getting through this pandemic period. If you are having difficulty, then make the calls to those you owe and together you can likely come to some arrangement, even if that arrangement is for a lesser amount, but what you can afford. Having to come out of this owing more is not the intent and it is our job as citizens who have been given credit, require services, or pay rent or a mortgage to do our best to try and keep up with what we can, not just let everything drop by the wayside to get hit later and use the pandemic as an excuse. 

In my opinion, it is best if you work with your creditors, landlords, service people etc. as they too are in the same situation and will know what they can do to help. Now is the time to reach out, not just ignore a payment; you may be pleasantly surprised at the response you get.

Barb Baker

Little Current