Letter: We are at war with the deadly COVID-19

‘Fight hard, stay safe, stay away, stay in’

To the Expositor:

We have to tell the people we are at war!

I have been very cross at times when I have heard so many foolish people disobeying the rules and putting their own and others’ lives in jeopardy as we try to fight this deadly invisible enemy call coronavirus.

Our enemy is the coronavirus, or COVID-19. He is a killer, an invisible enemy. If he doesn’t kill you he will certainly make you very ill. Or, his other weapon is to attach himself to you so that you do not know you are a carrier who is spreading this virus where you go. Just like Hansel and Gretel spread bread crumbs behind them to find their way home, COVID-19 follows you on your path all the way dropping the virus off whenever or where ever you stop. How? How are we ever going to get it across to all people (and that means you!), the old, the young and the foolish, just how rapidly and dangerous this invisible enemy can be spread.

Even the experts are finding out new things about it daily. How long it can live on clothing, paper, plastic, wood, iron, stainless steel. On stainless steel it can remain as long as 72 hours, which equals three days. Do not go out unless you absolutely need to.

This virus could be on a door handle, a railing, money, even the next person who comes near you. Stay six-feet or two metres apart. You can easily carry COVID-19 home with you and give it to all your family or a dear friend. Do not take chances, do not visit others, they could even give it to you. You do not know who has touched them or if they may be a carrier of this deadly invisible virus. Now they (the researchers) are strongly suggesting that we should be isolating for three weeks. As studies are revealing that some people didn’t show symptoms until the third week. Please, please, please follow the rules. I am an old person who will soon be 39 with 50 years of experience. I live in an assisted living facility with 17 other residents. Several in our building have compromised immune systems—our hospital would be flooded if they were all got this deadly virus, and who knows how many of us healthy ones would survive. Please follow the rules so you do not accidently transfer the virus to someone—who transfers it to one of our staff—who gives it of us: Wash your hands; stay six feet apart: stay home unless absolutely necessary; you are not allowed in to visit us or any residential or nursing home. But most every resident everywhere enjoys a phone call. The above three ways are how we can win this war against this invisible enemy. 

Fight hard, stay safe, stay away, stay in. COVID-19 is a sniper out there waiting to kill you and me.

May God bless each one of you and keep you safe.


Betty (Doan) Bowerman


Formerly an Islander