Letter: We need more people picking up trash in Little Current

We need to know our children are safe

To the Expositor:

I think what needs to be worked on in Little Current is more people picking up trash off the streets, more cigarette cans all over the place and more trash cans. 

Cameras should be set up at the library park and Low Island way better cause me and my family have found dirty used needles at both places that put all the kids in danger as well as broken glass in the water where kids walk to go swimming. But most of all, people getting fines for littering because honestly, it’s not the businesses fault for people’s trash being thrown on the ground. 

I thinking having new businesses coming here will help with jobs and cheaper shopping for people who can’t drive or find a ride. Here you can’t barely get kids underwear, shoes, clothes or plus size clothing. 

I want to know before I die that my kids and their kids and everyone else kids are going be able to be safe and are able to get the things they need and not struggle.

Samantha Bowerman

Little Current