Letter: Words of appreciation for essential workers

Please remember that our sacrifices are minimal compared to our war veterans

To the Expositor:

In appreciation of everyone in this trying time. It is a time when all people need to pull together, to work together, stay together and have a greater appreciation for each other and for every day.

A huge thank you to all our essential workers, nurses, doctors, paramedics, firefighters, to all the stay-at-home parents that are unable to go to work, the children who are not able to go to school and doing the self-isolating safety measures and to scientists labouring hours behind the scene to learn more about the virus and come up with a cure and/or preventative. 

Health and safety is everyone’s responsibility. Not only do we need to talk the talk but we need to walk the walk. 

It is a difficult and trying time. We are all missing the personal contact with family and friends but your sacrifices have had a positive effect on helping control this deadly virus.

I have heard people express their ideas about the government over- reacting with the strict measures that were put in place, how everything was blown out of proportion, talking about the financial and economic losses of the world brought about by business restrictions, comparing the number of deaths from other viruses over the years—so many divided opinions, so much anguish and frustration. As the virus starts coming under control, people start down playing the reality and start questioning the measures taken to save lives and the above ideas and statements become predictable.

We must realize and appreciate the work our governments and our population has done to control the spread of the disease. That has transformed what could have been an out-of-control disaster (which it was in places around the world) into a situation, a hazard, that can be managed, at least to a point. There is no money value that can be put on the lives of our loved ones. 

Early intervention is an act of prevention.

May we always be grateful to all those making their sacrifices to keep this disease under control. This is a world changing event, not just a life changing event. May we learn to be more appreciative of all we have had and have and not take our wonderous gifts for granted. May we appreciate and acknowledge different ideas and opinions but may we stay united as people to stay the course and keep safety awareness a priority. Always when there is a great loss, the normal we knew has gone forever but we have the ability to make a new norm and learn to enjoy life in that new realm.

Please remember our sacrifices are minimal compared to our war veterans who laid down their lives to keep us safe. Let us continue to do our part and work together to keep everyone safe.

Joanne Wade