Lisa Corbiere-Addison wins Rainbow Board trustee race

Lisa Corbiere-Addison has been elected as Rainbow District School Board Trustee.

This story was updated at 9:10 am to redirect the official vote results, which were released on October 28.

MANITOULIN—Lisa Corbiere-Addison has been elected as Rainbow District School Board Trustee by the people of Manitoulin by a margin of 117 votes over incumbent Margaret Stringer.

The newly-retired educator and long-time M’Chigeeng First Nation businesswoman began by thanking Ms. Stringer for her years of service as trustee and for ensuring that the electoral process took place for the position.

“Now the work begins,” she said.

“I’m feeling good,” Ms. Corbiere-Addison told The Expositor Monday night. “I was hopeful.”

“I’m looking forward to serving the people of Manitoulin—students, parents and staff. It’s going to be a fun four years. Challenge accepted.”

Ms. Corbiere-Addison said her first order of business is looking at committee and hoping to get involved with a selection of them at the board level.

“During the campaign I had a webpage and Facebook page and I’m going to convert those to a standing trustee page to maintain public input in the process because I felt that’s one of the jobs as trustee—to keep in touch with the public and make sure I have good communication with the people of Manitoulin.”

Ms. Corbiere-Addison thanked “the people of Manitoulin for putting their trust in me and I look forward to serving you.”