Little Current Library News

The Library Outreach program at the Little Current library has been active since September 2010. The volunteers continue to go to shut-ins, delivering library materials and having a cheery visit with older community members who can no longer get out to the library on their own. Volunteers also read aloud to their “book buddies” when needed. The program runs throughout the year and reaches seniors at the Manor, Channelview Apartments, and the TLC residence.

The Little Current Lions Club has supported this program with generous donations adding up to $13,000 over the six years of its operation. With the funds, the group has been able to purchase materials specifically for older readers, large print books, magazines, audio books and players. “The Lions have been wonderful supporters,” says Wendy Gauthier, team leader. “This contribution by Library Outreach has significantly added to the library’s assets.” All patrons have been able to sign out these popular materials. Little Current now has one of the most extensive large print collections in the region thanks to the outreach volunteers.

This year’s members are: Wendy Gauthier, Ellie Miller, Robin Burridge, Donna Wolfe, Joyce Rivet, Sharon Bentley, Mike Dubreille, Paulette Glaude, Gail Griffin and Lucie Medwig. Right now, they are reaching out to total of 27 patrons, most of whom are at the Manor.

According to Board Chair Ned Martin, “The library and the community owe a big ‘thank you’ to this special group of volunteers.”

“Yes,” agrees Karen Gallo, head librarian, “I’ve watched this dedicated happy group coming in faithfully over the years. They have created a strong bond between NEMI Public Library and Centennial Manor. I know they bring a lot of pleasure to the residents.”