Local Royal Canadian Legions continue support of Northern Cancer Foundation

SUDBURY––The Royal Canadian Legion, District H (RCL), which includes both Manitoulin Island branches (Branch 514 in Gore Bay and Branch 177 in Little Current), continue to support the Northern Cancer Foundation (NCF) which is helping to make the lives of those people with cancer a little easier.

“It’s quite amazing what the Legions are doing, along with the hospital auxiliaries,” stated Tannys Laughren, executive director of the Northern Cancer Foundation (NCF) last week. “And it certainly makes a difference to the cancer centre and the services provided to our patients.”

Don Watson, a member of the Gore Bay Legion, told the Recorder, “with the annual donation District H Legions made again at this year’s district convention in April, we have now provided $564,000 in funding donations to the Northern Cancer Foundation.”

“The Royal Canadian Legion District H has been a steadfast supporter of the NCF since 1994 and they’ve made a huge difference in Northeastern Ontario and in the Northeast Cancer Centre (NECC) in Sudbury,” a release notes. “Legion members are always among the first to get involved with our work and we are always more than pleased to keep them involved. Since our inception we have always had a member of the legion on the Northern Cancer Foundation Board of Directors.”

Throughout the years, the Legion has taken part in many major fundraising initiatives with the NCF and has contributed several key pieces of equipment to the NCC. “The Legion’s efforts support the devoted professionals who make a difference in the lives of thousands of patients and their families every year,” the NCF release continues.

“Specifically, the Legion District H has supported the CT Simulator at the NECC. As part of the Radiation Oncology department, CT Sim is used to diagnose various types of cancer and is an important first step in the cancer treatment process. The Legion’s work with the NCF has helped to keep CT Sim updated and cutting-edge.”

Ms. Laughren also stated in the release, “the Royal Canadian Legion District H continues to make a huge difference in the lives of our patients. We could not provide the support at all levels if we did not have the financial contribution from this amazing group. The Legion District helps enable the NCF to ensure that we are advancing and making a difference in cancer outcomes and experiences for our patients throughout Northern Ontario.”

“High quality cancer care relies heavily on the equipment and facilities but the quality of the people providing the care is even more important,” the NCF release continues. “The financial support received helps us train students and recruit the bright minds that are the future of cancer care in our region. However, the value of donated funds extends far beyond the financial support. It sends a message of support to our staff, physicians and researchers that their work is valued by the community. This is a strong motivator for our team and in turn leads to improvements in the outcomes and experiences of people cared for by the NECC team,” the release continues. “The NECC thanks the NCF and its great partners, the Royal Canadian Legion District H, for their contribution to the quality of cancer care in Sudbury for the people of Northeastern Ontario.”

“It’s amazing, the Legion District H is so supportive of the cancer centre,” said Ms. Laughren. “What we do with the donations is do is pay off the costs of one piece of equipment and then look at another after that.” She pointed out in 2009 the Legion agree to purchase a Flow Cytometer, which produces an image of a cell and helps with diagnosis and treatment. “And the Legions pledged $140,000 to the purchase of a Brachytherapy applicator and an ultrasound for Brachytherapy Applicator.”