M.S.S. Kids in the Halls

The school year zooms by for MSS students who take advantage of the many opportunities to get involved.

The Senior Band and Vocal Group headed out on a three-day trip to Toronto. The group will get to perform at the Ontario Legislature, get in some laser tag, and see the musical Kinky Boots. Stratford trip is approaching quickly, but for the students who are going, not quickly enough. On May 19-22, 21 students will be viewing the plays Macbeth, Shakespeare in Love, Chorus Line, and A Little Night Music. Additionally, the group will be participating in an interactive prologue about Macbeth and touring the costume warehouse. The group will go also go to a highly acclaimed restaurant called “Raja Fine Dining” for a cultural experience. Students looking for an even bigger adventure can talk to Ms. McCann about the planned trip to Spain in two years.

SHARE and Three Fires are attending the Roots and Shoots conference at Science North this week. The 15th annual Roots and Shoots conference is inspired by Jane Goodall to promote cross-cultural and cross-generational workshops to promote positive change. The conference includes keynote speaker Hannah Alper, a half day tree-planting, as well as traditional and scientific workshops. Stay tuned for an announcement about an E-Waste drive at MSS in June being organized by SHARE/Go-Green. Start locating those old electronics, printers, cellphones and derelict computers for the collection. This will keep our landfills safer and the collected items will raise money for SHARE projects. 

Grade Nine Fly is back again on May 14. This day full of activities welcomes next year’s Grade 9 students to MSS and gives them a chance to meet some of their new peers. Amber Wahl, a Grade 8 student at CMPS, said, “I think I’m most excited about meeting people from other schools and hanging out with kids I know from the other schools. I’m also really excited about getting to see MSS and where I will be going to school.” MSS students can volunteer to help out at the event.

May the fourth be with the students who dressed up in their Star Wars outfits, came to school dressed as a geek, or even dressed in Star Trek costumes. On May 4, the halls were full of Star Wars shirts, pajama pants, capes, hats, and even props. Students’ Council held a costume contest and the prizes went out to Joel Lovelace dressed as Chewbacca, Ben MacDonald dressed as Spock, and April Torkopoulos dressed as “the nerdiest nerd.”

Spring isn’t over yet, and there are many more activities planned to keep the school year interesting. ‘Til next time, stay golden, Mustangs.