M.S.S. Kids in the Hall

Who is ready for March Break? Everybody is excited. On Friday, March 13 there is going to be a Winter Carnival in the afternoon. Attendance will be taken, and then students can participate in the fun activities that are planned. There will be road hockey, a movie, ice fishing derby, cross fit, gym activities, and maybe a game of Swedish Dinkie.

Representatives of the Armed Forces were at MSS to give a presentation to students about opportunities in the Armed Forces. There was also a presentation about the Raven and Black Bear programs for aboriginal students.

On Wednesday, March 4 the Best Buddies of MSS had a movie night after school. Everyone sat on comfy couches and ate their popcorn while they watched the Lego Movie. Cassie Moore said, “I have never seen the movie before, and I really liked it. It was fun to watch.” All the buddies had a fun time together.

Mr. Robinson’s Grade 9 tech class built CO2 dragsters and they had fun racing them against each other in practice runs. Ben MacDonald said, “We just raced them and then saw who had the best car. It was fun. Mine crashed into the wall and broke, but I fixed it.” The championship races are still coming up.

Ms. McCann’s food class cooks on most Fridays, but in her fashion class every Friday is a new skill in the world of fashion. Every Fashion Friday, the class is dedicated to making something fashion-oriented. So far they have made scarves by arm knitting (knitting using your arms instead of needles). The class really enjoyed this activity and some students can be seen actually wearing the scarves they made. The class has also made scarves using old t-shirts. One week they made infinity scarves by cutting up the torso part and the next kind of scarves they made were braided-fringe scarves by using the leftovers and switching up the colours. The best part about using old t-shirts is that it brings new life to them. Two weeks ago they did henna tattoos. This was a neat project because the students got to design their own patterns and then actually applied it onto their bodies. Last week they made jewellery out of pop can tabs. Who knew that you could make fashion out of everything!

MSS Minute is having a short story contest for students in Grade 7-8 and 9-12. Students can write a 1,000-2,000-word story and email it to mss.minute@gmail.com to enter. Entries must be submitted by March 23 2015. First prize for each of the two divisions is $100 and the pride of publication.

This week is Skittles week! Everyday this week is going to be a different skittle colour. If students or staff wear the colour of the day, they will be able to enter their names into a draw, and they get to guess the number of Skittles in a giant jar. Each person has their own special technique or formula for “figuring out” the number. The person who guesses the closest will have a lot of Skittles to eat.

So as we all get into March Break mode, the school is still as busy as ever and everyone cannot wait for break. Have a great March Break everybody! ‘Til next time, stay golden, Mustangs!