Manitoulin Centennial Manor Board Minutes

Vice chair takes over board until elections

The board decided to have vice chair Kathy Davidson chair the remaining meetings of the board until the April elections. The board learned earlier this year that chair Mary Jo Eckert Tracy, a government appointment member of the board, had not been reappointed last May meaning that she was not currently a member of the board and therefore could not continue as chair or a board member.

Board prepares for strategic plan meeting

The board set the schedule for their strategic plan meeting with a hired consultant for Tuesday, March 3. The plan for the day included consultation with residents, family members, the auxiliary and staff prior to meeting with the board to brainstorm and develop a new strategic plan for the facility.

Policy manual work continues

Work on the Manor board’s policy manual is still ongoing, the board was told by member Penti Palonen, who is developing the manual under the board’s input and suggestions. The policy manual was approved by the board in December 2014, however the final draft is still being fine-tuned.

New to the board this year (but a past board member) is Dawn Orr who inquired if she and fellow new board member Wendy Gauthier could review the document at the board’s next meeting and ask questions or provide input.

The board agreed this was an excellent request and could serve as a good exercise for the entire board to review the policy manual.

Administrator’s report

Manor administrator Michelle Bond reviewed her report with the board.

She explained that the home would begin implementing the discussed (during budget discussions) new nurse night shift schedule on March 9, eliminating an evening shift and opting instead for a second night shift in order to provide more registered nursing coverage at the Manor overnight.

She also reported that the Manor had hired a new dietician manager, replacing the current manager who would be retiring.

During budget 2015 discussions with the board, the board learned that the home had gone drastically over budget on food in 2014. Ms. Bond reported that staff had now pinpointed the cause, which was over ordering with a 10 percent variance, however the ordering program already took a 10 percent variance into account (unknown to the facility), meaning that the Manor was over ordering by 20 percent.

Ms. Bond was happy to relay to the board that the facility’s new bathtub from Timmins had arrived (a used purchase from a closing home) and that she expects the tub to be installed by the end of March.

Extendicare report

Extendicare Regional Director Keith Clement reviewed his report with the board. He discussed a new computer program that the company is using in its own homes which might be a helpful staffing tool for the Manor and help maximize government funding.

There were questions regarding quality improvement and if the board should be more involved. Mr. Clement said he would bring the next report to the board for feedback prior to its submission.

Financial report

Mr. Clement told the board that “January was not the best month for us (the Manor).” He explained that there had been a $14,000 deduction from the government for the nursing graduate program. “In addition, other wages were a bit higher than we anticipated such as vacation banked payouts,” added Mr. Clement. He also noted that the home overspent on food by $650, but that this was a lot lower than past months and that the overage problem had been solved so this would not reoccur. “We are unfavourable to the budget by $30,000 but Michelle and I will look at where we can find savings and get us back in line,” concluded Mr. Clement.

Board to celebrate past members

The Manor board discussed how it should recognize board members who recently retired from the board such as Al MacNevin, Ed Bond and Mary Jo Eckert Tracy (if she is not reappointed to the board). It was decided that they would purchase art created by Manor residents as it would be the most meaningful and present the gifts at a small gathering in the near future.

Manor rooms in need of new flooring

Ms. Davidson told the board that the Manor residents’ room was in need of new flooring. The facility had already begun the project some time ago and has been replacing the carpet in many of the rooms with flooring. Ms. Bond noted that there were only 23 rooms left in the initiative. The board decided to approach Island service groups looking for funding to help with the project.

Next meeting date set

The board set the next Manor board meeting date for Thursday, March 19 at 9:30 am.