Manitoulin Centennial Manor Minutes

Administrator’s report

Manitoulin Centennial Manor Administrator Michelle Bond reported to the board that the home was at 95.45 percent occupancy, with 18 applications on the waiting list.

She said that fire drills were conducted in December, and that the Northeast Town fire chief commended the home on their procedure and timing.

Unfortunately, the home’s main fire control panel has been having issues, she told the board, noting that its replacement will need to be budgeted for in the future at a price tag of $70,000, but that it was currently working.

Extendicare report

Extendicare (the company that manages the Manor) Regional Director Keith Clement reported that the home was in a slight surplus position for December 2016 and purchased some nursing supplies such as a wheelchair scale for upstairs.

Unfortunately, the home’s case mix index (CMI)—the number assigned to each resident based on their level of care, which determines the amount of funding long-term care homes receive—dropped to .88 which, Mr. Clement explains, means a reduction of $30,000 in government funding.

“This means that we are now looking at a $47,000 deficit going into 2017,” explained ExtendiCare Regional Director Keith Clement. “This greatly impacts our ability to create a break-even budget.”

The board voted to have ExtendiCare and Manor administration increase the municipal allocations for 2017, by approximately 15 percent, to create a break-even budget for 2017.

Mr. Clement also reported that Medicare will be coming in, at no cost to the Manor, to do a review of the documents to help the Manor optimize their CMIs and funding.


Board member Wendy Gauthier presented the fundraising report to the board. She was pleased to inform the board that the Tree of Lights campaign surpassed its goal, as did the Calling on You Campaign (which the funds from the Tree of Lights went towards) for a new call bell system for the Manor. Ms. Bond said that the new system will be installed in the next few months.

The board commended Ms. Gauthier on her hard work.

Ms. Gauthier also reported that tickets for the Manor Golden Gala (on May 6) will be going on sale on February 1 for $75 each. The goal of the gala is to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Manor and to raise funds for new automatic patient lifts for the home.