Manitoulin does not need more alcohol

Ask MADD to finance you in another business venture

To the Expositor:

Just what we need—more alcohol on the Island! According to a documentary I listened to lately, people drink for only two reasons 1) unhappiness and 2) peer pressure.

Andy Smith and Eleanor Charlton, I need to send you a list of all the friends I’ve lost through the use of the “drug” called “alcohol,” it’s staggering.

You young entrepreneurs need to switch your intelligence to things that will help our Island communities and not add to an already severe problem.

Finally, I think you should ask the Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD) for a big sum of money. I’m sure they would set you straight on a much more worthwhile business venture. Or go to one of the AA meetings on the Island for enlightenment.

I’m also very surprised at LAMBAC backing such a destructive industry.

Lyle Dewar

Providence Bay