Manitoulin needs a champion for economic development

Conservative candidate André Robichaud is the man for the job

To the Expositor:

I would ask The Manitoulin Expositor editor to inform the subscribers of her paper which bloody governing party in the history of the nation didn’t come out with some “goodies” just prior to an election? Then I would say that editorial of July 29 (‘Harper taking the art of political bribery to new heights,’ Page 4)  was what horses leave in the middle of the road! Watching the NDP/Carol Hughes over the last years and reading her office workers reports in your paper (Manitoulin West Recorder) shine a light on the fact she criticizes everything good or bad!

Lots of pics in the paper and two questions asked in the House for her party really isn’t what our riding needs as a representative! We need a good economic development champion here in our riding! Her criticism of the lower taxes Mr. Harper promised and provided make a person want to stop reading her column for sure! Hughes smoke screened the constituents on the gun registry vote with her survey which taxpayers paid for and voted to keep it with her party—now they want to bring it back!

At a celebration of Lifetime Achievements at the Gore Bay Community Hall recently one of our NDP reps got up in front of a full house of taxpayers and proceeded to address them in the Ojibwe language. What’s with that, Carol? I didn’t understand anything but the greeting! What I’m hearing is that it’s damn well time for change in our riding of Algoma-Manitoulin-Kapuskasing!

The Liberal gal would be a good choice, but her “nice hair do” leader is too dumb for the job of Prime Minister of Canada!

The young Conservative lad would be a good choice as he’s an economics specialist and willing whole heartedly to work with First Nations on responsible resource management and attract our disappearing youth back to the North! His leader kept all his platform promises including lower taxes and accountability! Anyone who did wrong was booted, and damn fast!

Imagine our riding, after all these years, has a chance to have a representative in Ottawa within the governing party! I urge the constituents of Algoma-Manitoulin-Kapuskasing to give Andre Robichaud a really good look over and find out what he’s all about and what he will stand for as our MP in Ottawa!

Allen McQuarrie

Gore Bay