The Manitoulin Swing Band speaks

Congratulations to Mnaamodzawin Health Services for their Elders’ Symposium

To the Expositor:

Congratulations from the Manitoulin Swing Band to the staff of Mnaamodzawin Health Services on their hugely successful Elders’ Symposium. The event was held on August 17 in the Manitoulin Hotel and Conference Centre in Little Current, and was attended by reserves across Manitoulin and Birch Island.

The theme of the day was health and happiness…how to achieve it, and how to keep it. Motivational speakers, drumming and traditional dancers began the morning activities. Following a hot lunch, people swayed to the music of the Manitoulin Swing Band, with many elders displaying their Charleston skills on the dance floor.

The hard work and careful thought put in by the organizing members of the Mnaamodzawin team was obvious, resulting in a super time being had by everyone. Kudos to them from us!

The Manitoulin Swing Band