Manitoulin Trade Fair founder sends salutations

To the Expositor:

In our retirement we have travelled extensively and I always pick up the local papers to see how they do things and react to things in their part of the world.

I can say without any doubt that The Manitoulin Expositor is head and shoulders above any weekly publication in North America, Central America and the Carribean. I read my Expositor faithfully every week and when I read these other papers I cannot but compare them to the Expositor. The Expositor wins hands down for clarity, looks, lots of photos, use of colour, editorial and news stories and the weekly columns. The job you and your staff do is fantastic.

I thought I should write as far too often we ignore the gold that is in our own back yard. My personal experiences with The Expositor just for the Trade Fair and Haweater Weekend were very important as The Expositor insured that these events were successful.

I am sorry I could not be at MTF XII but on the 31st I had to have an MRI at a hospital in Richmond Hill. I hear it was an outstanding success once again. Congrats to LAMBAC once again. For 27 years LAMBAC has sponsored this show and is a true community resource. The math goes like this: First show 1989—we skipped 1999 and went to the year 2000 because of concerns about computer problems. Then again in 2006 we had to postpone the show to 2007 because of the NEMI employees were on strike. So actually twice the show had a hiatus of three years and still continues on strongly.

Thanks, Expositor.

Frank Reynolds