Manitoulin’s best kept secret park is outed

Blue Jay Creek Park remains a jewel to be discovered

To the Expositor:

On Manitoulin we have a secret park of 600 acres in Tehkummah Township given to Ontario by the Hindman family.

Blue Jay Creek Park contains some of the largest raised beach and swale system on Manitoulin Island. Upland willow thickets are found at the beaches higher elevations. The forest cover is a mixture of cedar, spruce, and pine, and the extensive wetlands in the area include cedar, black spruce, and black ash swamp forest, open and tree bogs, treed fens and riparian marshes. The park also includes a portion of Blue Jay Creek.

Location: The park is located 12 kilometres from the town of Tehkummah. The southwest boundary, however, follows the high water mark of Michael’s Bay. It is accessible by using King Street in Michael’s Bay and crossing Manitou River when the water is low.

The park offers a variety of recreational settings suitable for canoeing, hunting, fishing, nature appreciation and exploration. Snowmobile and all-terrain vehicle (ATV) use may occur on tertiary roads in the area. Future management planning will review all uses, including snowmobile and ATV use, to ensure that park features and values are protected, and to assess the potential for these uses to conflict with other uses. A meeting was held with government officials to discuss having a nature trail.

A meeting was held with Ontario government officials regarding Blue Jay Park and it was agreed to go ahead for a nature trail for tourists and the public to appreciate.

Doug Tracy

Little Current