Memorial crosses must be replaced

To The Expositor

When I read the letter about the memorial crosses in M’Chigeeng for Jason Maurice being removed (‘Removal of memorial crosses causes distress,’ May 18, Page 4) I was very upset. I have no idea how someone could do such a thing. Was the person who now controls this land not here at the time of Jason’s disappearance? Did he/she not know about the people who went out day after day looking for Jason? As the rest of us prayed for his safe return. How unfeeling can this person be. I for one think Jason’s mom deserves more than an apology. I feel she deserves to have those crosses put back in the place where Jason spent his last days on this earth.

So who ever you are please put yourself in Jason’s mother’s place and ask yourself how would you feel if someone dishonoured you this way.

Sharon Montgomery