Methadone clinic doctor is attempting to help people

To the Expositor:

The chief and Dr. Kevin O’Connor regarding the July 11 page 1 story ‘M’Chigeeng Chief Hare wants an end to ‘carry homes’ for methadone clients.’

Let us realize that we are all humans and being humans we put in twists, bends and roller coaster rides to anything that is out there. And it is very unfortunate.

If the chief is asking Dr. Dressler to be charged, is the chief also going to ask that the MTO and the government be charged in the next DUI motor vehicle death? Or the next victim of lung cancer?

Dr. Dressler is attempting to help these people who have a serious problem. And if they choose to abuse it then maybe they shouldn’t be receiving Dr. Dressler’s help or any other help. The patients who are transported in the vans from “Wiky” are no longer permitted to go into the stores, of course once again this is Dr. Dressler’s fault.

If the chief and society want people to be drug free, maybe the chief should set up a drink spot on his reservation. No methadone would be left at end of day, therefore no break-ins. Then, therefore, no carries go home. But to stop all carries is unfair and very unreasonable.

Dr. Kevin O’Connor comments, but then admits he is neither a methadone doctor nor an addiction specialist, so why comment on the unknown?

It is not the doctor and his program causing these concerns and issues it is once again the human beings.


Debbie Kay

Formerly of Gore Bay