Mindemoya hospital renovation, expansion project now initiated

Manitoulin Health Centre

MINDEMOYA – Work has started on the major renovation-expansion (approximately 2,300 square foot) project of the emergency department at the Manitoulin Health Centre (MHC) Mindemoya site with the contractor currently on-site.

“The work has started,” stated Tim Vine, interim co-CEO, vice-president of corporate support services and chief financial officer of the MHC, after an MHC board meeting last week. “The contract has been awarded and the contractor has been mobilized and is on site now.”

Mr. Vine told the board MHC awarded the construction contract to Northern Construction Technology (NCT) of Sudbury on May 7 for $4,092,000 (of the total project cost of $5,179,267). An initial meeting with the architects (YBSA Architects), contractor and MHC staff was held on May 11 to discuss  timelines to begin work and make introductions of the team. “It was a positive introductory meeting and NCT indicated they were already mobilizing.”

“Phase one of the project will begin (this) week,” Mr. Vine told the board.  “On June 2, construction begins, and final completion of the work is set for July 6, 2022. They (contractors) are on site.”

The contractor is using quite a few local sub-trades, Mr. Vine told The Expositor.

Meanwhile, a shovel in the ground event signifying the start of the project and the official public fundraising component of the project will take place in June, the board was told.

“The public phase of the capital fundraising campaign Let’s Emerg Together is in the process,” said Angela Becks, MHC fundraising chair. She noted the shovel-in-the-ground event is being planned and the public announcement will include MHC staff, physicians and local media. As well, a full page advertisement will be in The Expositor. 

“Has a date been set yet?” asked board member Dennis McGregor.

“This is still being planned,” said Ms. Becks.

Ms. Becks explained at the April 22 MHC board meeting it was agreed that further research would be conducted on the idea of a 50/50 fundraising draw taking place. Information from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario indicates that a foundation is not required, and MHC would qualify to apply for a raffle licence based on its charitable status. The co-CEOs, Paula Fields and Tim Vine, also had a favourable discussion with staff of HSN’s Foundation, which has indicated its willingness to support MHC in an application for a raffle lottery.

Ms. Becks  said the fundraising committee agreed to put forward a motion, “that as the current structure of MHC would allow application for raffle licencing with AGCO, and a raffle lottery would add an additional avenue of fundraising to the Let’s Emerg Together campaign as well as ongoing capital needs, it is recommended that fundraising committee receive the co-CEO report and recommend that the board  proceed with a raffle lottery licence application to the AGCO.” The MHC board passed this motion.

The fundraising committee thus far has raised a total of $2,127,789 of the goal of $2.5 million. The estimated goal is $372,211. 

“Everyone needs to get out and fundraise,” said Ms. Becks, “and we look forward to managing the 50/50 draw.” 

Mr. Vine added that the shovel-in-ground announcement is expected to take place in the next couple of weeks.