Mindemoya skull remains remain a mystery for now

SUDBURY—A moss-covered skull discovered on a leaf-strewn path by nature photographer Jamie Pyette last spring remains a mystery as those involved in unravelling its provenance await carbon dating results.

The skull find was initially investigated by the Manitoulin OPP, with the assistance of the crime scene specialists from Sudbury, before anthropologist Dr. Scott I. Fairgrieve of Laurentian University’s Department of Forensic Science and consultant retired forensic botanist Dr. Gerard Courtin went over the scene of the discovery.

Contacted by The Expositor, Dr. Fairgrieve noted that “the cranial remains were sent down to Toronto after the recovery on Manitoulin for carbon testing in order to get an idea of the date.” Dr. Fairgrieve noted that he had not yet received those results and that, in any case, full disclosure of the results would be released through the coroner—in this case Dr. Shelagh McRae of Gore Bay.