MMA demands that OPP administration remain on Island

MANITOULIN—The members of the Manitoulin Municipal Association (MMA) support a resolution passed by Billings Township that the detachment commander and administrative staff of the Manitoulin detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) remain on the Island if amalgamation takes place involving the Manitoulin OPP and Espanola police services.

Billings council, in a resolution it passed on June 20, 2016, states: “be it resolved that council requests that in the event the Manitoulin OPP detachment is amalgamated with the Espanola detachment, that the detachment commander and administrative staff remain on Manitoulin Island and that this resolution be forwarded to CPAC (Community Policing Advisory Committee) and the MMA (Manitoulin Municipal Association) for review.”

“What we (Billings council) are concerned about is with the senior administration OPP people on the Island, and if amalgamation takes place they could end up heading off to Espanola,” said Billings Councillor Brian Parker at an MMA meeting last week. “We’d like to keep the administration head on Manitoulin Island.”

Paul Bowerman, a Tehkummah councillor noted as Councillor Parker had that, “that’s what they said at the CPAC meetings we have had.”

“We feel the MMA should pass a motion in favour of our (Billings letter-resolution) to let them know what our thoughts are on this issue,” said Councillor Parker.

It was noted by Central Manitoulin Councillor Pat MacDonald that Manitoulin OPP Detachment Commander Kevin Webb has indicated that the Island would not lose its administrative staff if amalgamation does take place.

“I think Mr. Webb will be in Espanola as soon as the amalgamation happens,” stated Assignack Mayor Paul Moffatt.

The MMA agreed to support the Billings resolution and forward it to the OPP.